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This Krishna Murti Playing Flute figurine is a beautiful and meaningful way to bring the divine presence of Lord Krishna into your home.

  • Crafted from natural and durable wooden materials, this 36 cm tall figurine showcases Lord Krishna in a peaceful and serene pose, playing his divine flute.
  • Multi-colored and richly detailed, this figurine will add a touch of divinity and spirituality to any living space.
  • Ideal for gifting purposes, this figurine is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Diwali, Christmas, and more.
  • Please handle the product with care and use a dry or wet cotton cloth to remove dirt. Avoid washing it.

Bring the blessings and inspiration of Lord Krishna into your home with this beautiful and meaningful Krishna Murti Playing Flute figurine.

Krishna Murti Playing Flute - Wooden Statue

₹899.00 Regular Price
₹799.00Sale Price

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